Saturday, March 9, 2013


Hey everybody,
not much to say, the last weeks were pretty full with working 
or doing nothing and enjoying ourselves.
So that was what we did this sunday.
Paul was in town visiting me and we spend the whole weekend 
enjoying munich's best places.

Englischer Garten

 glases_American Apparel

 Coat_Monki, cardigan_Urban Outfitters, skirt, gloves and scarf_American Apparel

Afterwards Yulia and her boyfriend Markus picked us up 
to have a drink with us. 

Goldene Bar

Markus: Beanie_Topman, Pullover_Zara

Yulia's necklace_Accessorize

Yulia is drinking Matcha tea. Looks very pretty.
But smells like fish and tastes like äh fish.

 Pauls pullover_Weekday, my jeans shirt_American Apparel

Nearly all pictures were taken by great Mrs. Yulia Kamiya!

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