Monday, August 29, 2011

Hola muchachos

It has been ages I know...and I'm sooo sorry...but Antonia quit Accessorize and is now off being a super trendy lufthansa flight attendant and I had school to we kind of separated. But now I've decided to continue with our little project alone...maybe with guest appearances from other fashionable ladies. 

A stylish little lady I know has sort of being in a little lomo camera rush lately and buying absolutely every one she sees and her boyfriend has been participating in her little craze. But it's all good... here are a few festival shots with steffi and matthias.. I kind of didn't get that I have to move while the picture is being taken or otherwise..well all four sort of look the same. I'm a lot smarter now!

Uhh and I might be moving next another country and everything..but don't want to jinx anything so you'll have to wait a bit longer. If all goes well I'll be showing a lot of shopping around for pretty pieces for my new house..huiuiiui i'm already so excited and also soo freakin' scared.

yours truly Andrea <3