Monday, November 29, 2010

h&m Spring 2011 Preview

I know it's snowing outside...but maybe you can take a look at the h&m spring 2011 lookbook....

very interesting, aquamarine, pale pink, beige...stripes, zippers...

 These are my favorite looks...

pics via teesLC.

♥ Antonia

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My boyfriend will hate this dress.

But I will love it!

seen on 44,78€ (use ASOS20 at checkout for 20% discount!)

♥ Antonia

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

h&m Lanvin - Dann halt nicht!

Zzzz! Ich verrücktes Huhn bin trotz Spätdienst heute um 7:55 Uhr aufgestanden um einen Blick in den h&m Onlineshop zu werfen, ist ja schließlich Lanvin Zeit. Immerhin nicht so crazy wie sich für 200 Euro Kleider in einer 300 Meter Schlange anzustellen und sich blaue Flecken im Shop zu holen. 

Nach 20 Minuten und alle 5 Sekunden zu aktualisieren, konnte ich dann den Onlineshop betreten. Und es war tatsächlich noch alles lieferbar bis auf die schwarzen Handschuhe. Nachdem ich brav mein weißes T-Shirtkleid und die Sonnenbrille in den Einkaufswagen gelegt hatte wollte ich auschecken. Und dann das: ERROR UNKNOWN.

Ich konnte mich weder einloggen noch zur Kasse gehen - immer die selbe Fehlermeldung!!!! Nach 30 Minuten verzweifeltem Versuch hab ich es dann aufgegeben. Dann halt nicht!

Als ich gegen Mittag wieder in den Shop geguckt hatte war natürlich alles ausverkauft! Super! Danke h&m!

Ach ja, wer ist eigentlich so bekloppt und kauft sich für 200 Euro ein h&m Kleid? Ich sag nur Gruppenzwang...

English translation coming soon...maybe Andrea can help me to translate? :-)


Monday, November 22, 2010

Komono Zebra Watch

watch by komono via 49,76€.

♥ Antonia

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Urban Outfitters Shoes!

Oh I completely fell in love with these shoes by Urban Outfitters! I really adore every single one of them...I am thinking about buying the second, the fourth one with glitter one it and I really like the black flats with the bow! 

But I am not going to pay 12,95€ for shipping. That's crazy! Shame on UA...

Ich hab mich total in diese Schuhe von Urban Outfitters verguckt. Am besten gefällt mir das Zweite und das Vierte Paar mit Glitzer und die schwarzen Ballerinas mit der Schleife!

Aber ich werde keine 12,95€ für Versand bezahlen. Die spinnen wohl!  Shame on UA...

♥ Antonia

Monday, November 15, 2010

Look What We've Got!!! ACCESSORIZE

Ok so this is us at work^^..Andrea and Antonia busy trying to copy the look from our catalog cover..Antonia is wearing most our knitted stuff as you can see...and i'm wearing ophelia and twilight our darker collections...and yes..we have a twilight has nothing to do with bats or anything just black and red and a bit circus!! Have you noticed that this is the first picture with both of us together??

Feeling sick!

Okay so i'm sick..great huh? being sick is not good but staying at home and watching will&Grace all day(will&grace being my studying for the english test tomorrow), listening to my new LPs  and reading Stephen King is great!! I was at a flea market on saturday..i didn't buy much..somehow it's always the same people..only a different location..which means i already have everything i wanted to buy from them...but anyway i bought myself a QUEEN greatest hits LP and PINK FLOYD wish you were here...i love those two!! Oh and Christmas Shopping..i just discovered this new site and love's perfect for buying presents check it out!!

This is a picture of my room ..well it's a bit different now..but all in all the same..and its not usually so messy...well it probably is... anyways this is it..also in the picutre my Vice DO's and DONT's book and my little tapestry box bag... it's broken but when i get it fixed you'll be the first to see it!!
Oh and what i've been wanting to tell you...check out this blog also does all of my photos and plus i love him! 

posted by andrea

Oh my, it's a leopard coat!

I bought this coat a week ago at the flea market. It was a freakin lucky strike! Do you know that when your going shopping and your looking for a pair of shoes, and you went home with two new bags and a new bra? That's typical for me. But that day, was a happy day for me! Looking for a leopard coat and found a lovely leopard cat. Unfortunately the coat is a bit too big for me...Maybe I have to sell this beautiful thing???

Diesen Mantel habe ich vor einer Woche auf dem Flohmarkt gekauft. Was für ein verdammter Glücksgriff! Kennt ihr das wenn man shoppen geht und nach ein paar Schuhen sucht und dann mit 2 Taschen und einem BH nach Hause kommt? Eigentlich typisch für mich. Aber an diesem Tag hatte ich mal Glück. Nach einem Leopardenmantel gesucht, und einen Leopardenmantel gefunden. Leider ist er mir etwas zu groß....vielleicht verkaufe ich das schöne Teil???

Vintage coat, vintage bag, h&m wedges.

♥ Antonia

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hello Panda!

How amazing is this hat? When I saw this one at the store, it was saying "buy Me OR die" to me. I fall head over heels in love with that! Furthermore I was at the flea markt today and I bought this amazing Moschino vintage bag for 3 Euros. Jackpot! 

Wie cool ist diese Mütze? Als ich die Mütze im Geschäft gesehen habe, sagte sie zu mir "kauf mich oder stirb". Ich hab mich Hals über Kopf verliebt! Außerdem war ich heute noch auf dem Flohmarkt und habe diese geniale Moschino Vintage Tasche für 3 Euro gekauft. Jackpot!

Accessorize hat, h&m trenchcoat, h&m wedges, vintage moschino bag.

♥ Antonia

Saturday, November 13, 2010

munich oh munich...

i was at the american apparel store that day..and asked if they were looking for people...and they took photos of me..and my cell phone number...gosh it was all so quick..i just thought i'll ask and then ..well think about applying ...and then suddenly i had to take out my piercing and smile..hmmm should i or shouldn't i??well anyway...i have this bag in another shape as well...i had the other one first...and then i saw this one in the same thrift store and had to have it...i just love the sac shape!!! And of course in this most favorite   shoes in the whole wide world...which of course you all know, but..they're getting more and more uncomfortable  each day and falling apart...what shall i do? i'm so sad!!! What do you think of these topshop shoes instead of my little ones??

posted by Andrea

Friday, November 12, 2010

Prom! a century ago

i had to show you this...this was at prom 3 years ago...gosh it alsways makes me we were a disco ball, wearing melissa rubber wedges with pink glitter bag and well a lady. It was so much fun..we did get stared at but so what...we looked great!! did you see the glitter dress?? i love it..its so awesome!! and my blue wedges? so comfy and blue annd rubber great! Hani is the one on the left and together we're hani&nani!

from left to right: glitter dress, shoes vintage, tights h&m, black dress unknown, blue wedges melissa, clutch,earings h&m, rest unkown

posted by andrea

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I ♥ U

I ♥ collegesweaters.

collegesweater by 5preview 99 €.

♥ Antonia

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Mr. Santa...

 MAC Tartan Tale Chapter 1 Lip, Eye and Face Brush Kit, Topshop Flats, Canon EOS 1000d, Apple iPad, Lost Season 3-6.

♥ Antonia

Friday, November 5, 2010

Uuhh I love!

i love these two items!! this Faux Fur Collar Belted Jacket (topshop)
is just great and so gorgeous...hmm do you think its warm?? i'm not sure..i'm done freezing..i want something cute and warm..and i love this!! what do you think??

And the shoes?? aren't they just the most amazing SAKURA Glitter Platform Shoes (topshop)
you've ever seen?? i love them!! glitter is just the best thing ever!! i love it!

posted by andrea

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

my golden shoes....

just came back from Mannheim, visiting was so much bars are just crazy!!...also went to this club where they only played music that we like listentend to when we were was just like a much fun!! after visiting the american diner and eating nachos with cheese and guacamole, veggie burger with fries, blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and then to top it of a chocolate did we feel discusting!! but it was fun and we burnt all the calories dancing right?? probably not...but i like to believe that so just let me!! didn't do much shopping...bought a grey cardigan with a gold chain around the neck and where the buttons are...and that was about it...i am so proud..finally getting the hang on saving..well kind of...but i am getting better! i love holidays!!

i love this outfit because its so casual and yet i don't feel boring...and why is that?? well because of my little golden shoes and the groovy belt and its still comfy...i'm happy

gosh i love these shoes!! i'm so into gold and glitter these days terrible..will have to show you my new vintage golden xxl cardigan

vintage: shoes,belt,cardigan,necklace, h&m: jeans, top, american apparel: scarf
by andrea

Black & Bows

I received my h&m order yesterday! Hurray! I'll keep the black pants, the necklace and the amazing wedges. The wedges are dangerously high. Certainly they have glitter soles - I couldn't send them back! Unfortunately the blouse was too small and too short for me. I'll even send the belt back, the bow is twice as much as me!

Gestern ist meine h&m Bestellung angekommen! Hurrah! Behalten habe ich die schwarze Hose, eine Kette und die tollen Wedges. Die Wedges sind wirklich gefährlich hoch. Allerdings haben sie Glitzersohlen - ich konnte sie nicht wieder zurückschicken...Die Bluse war mir leider viel zu klein und zu kurz. Der Gürtel ging auch zurück, die Schleife ist doppelt so breit wie ich! 

h&m necklace, jumper, shorts, shoes, vintage belt, casio watch.

♥ Antonia

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I just wanted to share with you my latest Asos order! Since November 1th, Asos is avaible in german ( and in french ( What are the advantages? You can send your items back for free. Shipping 3€ and Express Shipping 6€. That's super cheap in my opinion!

And of course I already ordered a few nice things! I orderd these very nice headbandos. Oh and look at these very nice velvet leggins...I'm so exited that I ordered via express shipping!!! It will be arrive on Friday.

Ich wollte Euch heute mal kurz meine neueste Asos Bestellung zeigen! Seit 01.11. gibt es Asos auf deutsch und französisch. Welche Vorteile gibt es nun? Man kann seine Sachen endlich kostenlos zurückschicken. Der Versand bleibt bei 3 € und für Expressversand 6€. Ist echt günstig meiner Meinung nach!

Und natürlich hab ich auch was bestellt! Ich hatte mir schon länger überlegt ein Stirnband zu kaufen, jetzt hab ich zwei wirklich tolle Modelle auf Asos gesehen. Oh, und guckt Euch mal diese tolle Samtleggins an! Ich bin schon so aufgeregt das ich alles mit Expressversand bestellt habe! Es wird am Freitag wohl ankommen.

Leopard bando 14,93 €.

Black bando 9,95 €.

 Velvet Leggins 24,88 €. 

♥ Antonia

Monday, November 1, 2010

I can't quit loving leopard / Part 2

How amazing is that coat? Just brilliant - wonderful - incredible!
Discovered it today on
Unfortunately they do not deliver to countrys outside UK.

Wie toll ist dieser Mantel? Einfach genial - wunderschön - unglaublich!
Heute auf gesehen.
Leider liefern die nicht nach Deutschland.

seen on £89,99.

Here some alternatives...

Ich habe aber auch Alternativen gefunden...

 Topshop £98.00
 Miss Selfridge  £85.00
Dorothy Perkins £75.00

Ok - I ordered the Dorothy Perkins. With a 15% promotional code! Hooray!
Ok - ich hab den Dorothy Perkins Mantel bestellt. Mit einem 15% Gutschein Code aus dem Internet. Hurrah!
♥ Antonia

I ♥ Camel

What a nice autumn day outside. I just wanted to show you one of my favorite camel cardigans. My leopard vintage scarf and my vintage belt are really allrounders. Bag is primark, I was a given it as a present (thanx Danny!).

Was für ein schöner Herbsttag. Endlich mal nicht so schmuddelig kalt draußen! Ich wollte Euch heute meinen Lieblings-Herbst-Cardigan zeigen. Oh und ich bin von meinem alten Vintage Schal und meinem Gürtel echt überrascht. Die beiden sind wirklich Alleskönner! Die Primark Tasche war ein Mitbringsel aus London (Danke Danny!). 

h&m cardigan, h&m blouse, h&m shorts, accessorize necklace, h&m shoes, primark bag, vintage silk scarf, moschino vintage belt.

♥ Antonia