Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sewing A Dress!

Hello there everyone! This is me sewing! Not my prettiest self but I thought I'd share it anyway.
I saw this girl wearing a dress with a sweetheart neckline and I loved it! Soo I tried it myself.  I usually sew things from vintage materials...simply because I can't really afford the ones that I like as much in stores. I always find great materials in my favourite second hand store here in Vienna. 

I used the stool to draw the neckline of the beige material I didn't have anything else that size and round. Also i used one of my t-shirts to roughly draw the outlines of the beige part.

And now you will get to see one of the things I hate most!! Mixing b&w photos with colourphotography but ok..my boyfriend took the photos not nowing that I was going to put them on Stylemingle a few weeks later. 

I pinned the turquoise material to the beige one...making the shape I wanted. This was really tricky since I pinned them into the mannequin and then had to repin them so that I can sew it. Plus I kept sewing the mannequin to my dress. I got so annoyed that I stopped sewing it for a couple of weeks and then eventually got back to it.

This is me repinning the material!! uuuhhhh!! ahhhh!! 

It didn't quite turn out how I wanted it to but I still like it.
I kind of cut it too short and wasn't able to put in an elastic band at the waist...but I like it like this as well. I'm no professional so I guess it's all good!

Look how happy I was to finally wear it! Mensch Mensch!!
This was just me sharing a bit so I didn't go further into detail but if you want to know anything just ask!  Hope you like it!

love Andrea

Monday, October 29, 2012


 the last days where so rainy and cold.
but this is no reason NOT to go out. you just have to dress up a bit wormer, wear good shoes
AND you need a hip umbrella, like mine.


and please look at the nails, the great sheer nailpolish from American Apparel makes this possible.

especially in these dark and rainy days colour is so IMPORTANT!!!
here a video how to do it extra colourful and lovely:

 trousers, longsleve, bag and umbrella from American Apparel. Jacket from H&M. Lipstick Chanel.

You can combine it like this as well, a big cardigan, a circle scarf and sneakers 
(or for winter some leather boots) 
and you have a total different outfit, yay! 

scarf and cardigan American Apparel, shoes vintage.

LOVE Steffi

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I baked it myself with LOVE! well made Apfelmus!

Today I decided to make Apfelmus instead of baking something. Although I would like to make Apple   pie as well but that's for another day. My roommate Flo and I bought this huge bucket full of apples..for only 3,99€..so since then we've been making everything with apples.
This is a really easy recipe ... and you can easily change things up each time you make it..to keep it interesting. Not interesting in the cooking show way but exciting and fun. Yes Apfelmus can be fun!

So these pictures show the first step. Peeling your apples! GO ON!! DO IT!! It did take some time as I used about 2 kg of apples. You would think that it's way to much for only 3 people ...well you..no not for us!! 
The first step is just to peel the apples and cut them into tiny, thin little slices. I used on of those apple peelers to make my little slices.
After that...you put the apples into a pot with about 150 ml of water in it. It doesn't have to be a lot of water just so about 1/3 of the apples are covered in it. Then you let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes.

Then you add your spices. I chose to put only 1 flat tablespoon of brown sugar in (the apples were already very sweet), 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, 1 tablespoon vanille sugar and 1 tablespoon of cloves.

Basically you can put in more or less of everything depending on how you like it. But we all loved it!
I did have to add a tad bit more water though because I didn't want it to be to chunky.
I let it cook on low heat for about 40 min. You don't really have to stand next to the pot all the time..just make sure you check up on it every 15 min or so and stir through it. 

Now you just have to wait till it has the consistency you like. And if you want it to be really smooth...go through it with a mixer. 

This is a really easy and tasty recipe. Just cut the apples and mix it with all the other Ingredients and let it simmer on the stove until its finished. Easy peasy!
We ate it warm with vanilla eis-cream ... but it's also great with pancakes!
If you have any questions..don't be afraid to ask!
Have fun with it! I did! 

Let's travel to Egypt!

Hello, hello! So I got introduced a couple of posts ago, I'm Hannah. I thought I'd start my blogging experience by sharing a wonderful week with you. Here is my warm and sunny (not like this silly german snow, yes... SNOW, weather) EGYPT trip!

 If you think of Egypt, you of course think of pyramids and the sphinx, but I didn't see them this trip. I went very far south... to Marsa Alam. There was nothing but desert and the beach.

 I met these very nice egyptian guys. They lived in a little hut by the beach and sold jewelry. I met them on my first day in egypt and spent a lot of time with them. They where so very sweet and shared everything they had. They made me a bunch of bracelets, gave me pretty necklaces, shared their tea and cigarettes and gave me great spices (the first picture). I should have just stayed with them!! No stupid german nasty weather to deal with.

One day I went horseback riding. We galloped around the desert and I swear.. I haven't felt that free in a very, very long time. I rode that cutie patootie on the left..

 Yeah, I like this guy. God, I had so much fun with the camels. They are so freaking relaxed and their faces... they always have a "what the hell do you want from me, you freak. " look on there face.

BUT the best part of the trip... I went snorkeling. I have never ever seen anything that beautiful. So you snorkeled and snorkeled all the while the water is like up to your hips and then BAM it just dropped 15 meters. AND THEN you saw corals and fish in the most colorful ways possible. It was crazy!! I even saw clownfish, let me tell you.. those little nemos are freaking cute.

Friday, October 26, 2012


First time iceskating in 6 years!! It was so much fun and I only fell once!!! I was so proud!! 
This was such a major event that I needed to share it with the world!!
Ohh and these two cutie-pies are Ioannis and Sophia!!
<3 Andrea

Hallo There Classy Lady!

Hannah took these photos with her cellphone when she was here a few weeks back. We sort of dressed matchy all the time. Not on purpose though! Look how great all the colours go together!!
We felt so classy that day! We wanted to jump on a horse and ride off to the nearest country club!

I love this hat soo much! But Vienna doesn't...it's always so windy! I would also love to have bangs but thanks to the weather I can't...Oh and in Vienna bangs mean STIRNFRANSEN!! Thats probably my most favourite "Austrian" word. It sounds like a disease but it's not! I love it. 

I wore my wonderful Zara horse dress! (My roommate studies something with horses and yet I'm the one that has 4 horse dresses and a pair of loafers with horses on them!!)
Hannah and I are both passionate cowboy boots lovers! She had these great red ones a couple of years ago...and they were huge! but she wore them and I was terribly jealous even though they were probably a mens size.
Hani bunny will be posting some pictures of her Egyptian adventures last week. Blöde Kuh! She got to lay in the sun while I was freezing here! And now she's going to rub it in all of our faces!! 
I still love you though!

<3 Andrea

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Make It Fit!

This is what I've been up to all day instead of learning biology! I really should get to it but sewing is definitely a lot more fun!

I fell in LOVE with this shirt as soon as I saw it but it was way to big. I actually wanted to make a skirt out of it but then I kind of got inspired in another way. 
Don't you just love dresses?
 Dresses are just so easy..you just through it on and your dressed (hihi)! FANTASTIC
 I took the sleeves of and cut them into stripes. Then I made the new sleeves and the bottom part out of it.
 Otherwise the dress would've been way to short.
I LOVE how it turned out! I might do something with the waist or maybe just leave it like this and sometimes wear it with a belt...I'm not quite sure yet! What do you think?

<3 Andrea

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Make Your Own Book

So I did promise you a little DIY for making your own little book! This is it!
These two are books I made earlier..one is a hard cover and the other one is more of a little booklet.
Today I'll just be showing you how to make the booklet but the hard cover tutorial will be coming soon.
I've been making these little ones like crazy in the past few days. It's just so much fun! I love the fact that you can just take your favourite photos, newspapers and postcards and make yourself a little special memory book. You can easily make little city guides for friends with free pages where they can stick in their receipts and photos in. 

This is what the insides of my two books look like. But you can also take one big piece of nice paper and glue them on both sides so that it looks more polished. But I Like everything looking different ...although the back cover also has the same flower paper. 

The first thing you do is gather the pages you want for your book. Cut them so that they have the same size and then fold them in the middle and flatten the edges!
I usually mix the pages up. I like using small squared paper, japanese newspaper pieces, different kinds of paper, pictures I like from different newspapers ( I usually use pictures from vice mag...I love the photos in there). But you can also use photos...You can either fold them in the middle to make a centerfold or just fold them on the side so there's only about a centermeter showing as the other page. 

This pizza has absolutely nothing to do with the book...I just got hungry!

After you've finished folding all your pages you have to gather them into little booklets.
This time I chose to make my book out of three pieces. I had 21 pages so I chose to separate them in three equal piles.
 You have to put the pages on top of each other and then fold them together.
Do this with all three little "piles".
It should look something like the picture below.
The neon picture is what I chose for my cover. It was also a Vice mag cover page.

These are some of the pictures I chose to put into the book. You can make them look however you want them to. You can put them in between random pages or place them so you can see the whole picture as it is.  

I even put a photo in. It's of me and my little brother at the Oktoberfest last year. You can also glue it down. But I prefer sewing it in so I can still write under it.

You now have to mark the center page and the outside page of your separate booklets. It has to be an even number because this is where you are going to sew them together.
I drew them on one of the booklets and then used it as a template for the rest so they all have the same space between the stitches. 

Begin your sewing from the outside so you don't have the knot in the book.
When you finish the first booklet...stitch into the top marking on the second booklet.
Tighten the thread and sew this booklet the same way you did with the first book. The only difference is that it's now attached to the first booklet.
At the end of the second booklet go through the knot at the back of the first booklet (so you tighten them together).
Now sew the second book to the third book just like you did before. 
If you have more than three little booklets you should do a hard cover, otherwise it will be a bit difficult to sew it to the cover and you will have to glue it in with canvas and glue. 

This is what your booklets sewn together should look like. Don't worry if it looks a bit messy. My first attempt was terrible. I just kind of started stichting everything together twice just any way possible just to keep them together. 

It's the back! No one will ever know! 

Now you can either hold your booklets together and put a lot of glue (I usually use wood glue) on the back and then stick it to the cover...put clips of some sort on the sides and lay a heavy book on top until it dries. I usually glue the first and the last pages to the inside of the cover just to make sure that it's tightly attached. 

When there are not too many pages in the book I sew it to the cover. It goes better with one or two booklets inside then you just have to sew it to the cover just the same way you did with the booklet/s only this time you have to make sure that both booklets are firmly attached to the cover. 

This is what the book looks like from the inside when everything is sewn together. 

If some pages don't fit perfectly you can easily fix it by putting tape over the gap. 

This is the finished book! I might change the cover a bit, but for now I'm happy!

                      Step by Step:

                            - Pick out pages you want in your book!
                            - Cut them to the same size (only if you want them to have the same size)

                            - Fold them in the middle.

                            - Decide how many booklets you want (less make it easier to sew onto the cover)

                            - Mark the points where you're needle will go through (even number)

                            - Start your sewing on the outside (use a thick thread)

                            - Go from your last hole from the first booklet to the last on the second booklet.

                            - sew the second booklet the same way you did with the first and so on.

                            - Either glue or sew the attached booklets to the cover

                            - Sew : max 2 booklets same way you did with attaching the booklets together. You        
                            now just have to go through the cover holes twice to make sure the inside is securely
                            attached to the cover.

                            - Glue: Put a lot of glue on the back of the booklets (sewn together) and stick it to the                
                            cover. Make sure that all your booklets are equally attached to the cover.
                            Now the pages together with a clip and but a something like a heavy book on top         
                            until the glue dries.

                            - Your book is now finished! You can now perfect the book by choosing nice paper    
                            for the inside of your cover so it looks cohesive.
                           Ok so that would be it! It's actually pretty easy even though it sounds kind
                           of  complicating. I'm just not all to good at describing things. I still hope though that
                           you'll have as much fun making little books as I do.
                           If you have any questions don't be shy just ask!

Oh and if I know you...you're probably getting one for christmas!

Lots of Love

Sunday, October 21, 2012

We baked it ourselves with LOVE! chocolate bar EDITION!

This time we're a not really baking...WE ARE MAKING CHOCOLATE BARS! 
Today the oven does not need to be preheated! All you need to do is prepare chocolates (dark, white, milk), sprinkles, cracker, marshmallows whatever your HEART desires! Thats where the LOVE comes in!

This one is pretty easy and a wonderful little present for friends and family just to let them know how much you appreciate them!

We bought this little chocolate book that had this chocolate mould as a extra. Since then we've been experimenting with all sorts of tasty chocolatey treats!
My favourite is obviously..well all of it!! 

You just have to melt your chocolate over boiling water and fill it into the moulds. Remember that what you put in first is on top of your chocolate bar so we like putting our sprinkles, coconut flakes, nuts and stuff first. Then you can alternate with different kinds of chocolate even add food colouring or chili to it  ..to make it extra special and give your bar a unique flavour. But be careful to let the first layer of chocolate cool a bit in the fridge before pouring over a different kind of chocolate. So the stay separated. Unless of course you want them to mingle a bit like we did.

After you've filled our your moulds and finished with the decorating you can finally put your chocolate bars in to the fridge for about 10 - 20 min (all depends on your fridge and the chocolate you chose) and they're ready! 
We LOVE them soo much! It's fun and you can personalize them and make little presents that everyone  enjoys aand they're really quick!! 



Saturday started with a packet from the lovely "monki" store.
of course i couldn't wait to wear the new clothes!!!


So we went to the DOC. release party! 
a beautiful magazine which comes out every semester.
With work from design-students, interviewes from artists and much more.

blouse from Monki, wool cardigan from COS, lipstick MAC.

we slept over at a friends place and as you can see, we are a bit exhausted...

beanie Monki, circle scarf and bag from American Apparel, Jacket H&M.

L to the O to the V to the E   STEFFI

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Oh and this big nude guy is a photo taken by Ilse Haider in 1965 and is calle Mr. Big! lovely!

Hey guys!! This is also at MQ in Vienna! You just got to love it there, right? Ohh and the other person is Sophia my roommate!! We had a fun night. Yesterday was her birthday and we had a little pasta party to celebrate the event. As you can imagine we decorated everything  with lots of hearts! I'll show you the photos as soon as she comes back from Budapest with the camera. 
I made a little Vienna book for her boyfriend who is visiting us at the moment. I will be posting a little guide soon on how you can make a little book for your loved ones as well.  

I thought this song goes well with the photo!  SUGAR TOWN

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lovely MQ!

Hey there,
the other day i went shopping. with andrea. of course. i tried a few outfits. 
tried to wear my hair open and to band it, tried some red lipstick some glasses and watches. 
and made pictures.
we just had fun in the fitting rooms of vienna. 

 Finaly i decidet to wear this outfit.
 Doesn't look very comfortable, but it is. if you don't sit down or something;)
the first time wearing these trousers is tricky. i must admit that.

 Everything from American Apparel. except the shoes. Andrea and i bought them together (surprise) at a 
tiny little second hand shop near munich. for 2€. aren't they cute?

last part of our shopping tour: the lomography-store. i never leave the museumsquartier 
without having a look if there is a new camera or film.
And what's the best after a big shopping tour with andrea?
To sit down in the MQ, have a coffee and watch the people passing. 

LOVE Steffi