Monday, January 17, 2011

is that?? oh wait ..SUNSHINE!!!!

 H&M coat,tights and skirt, UO loafers (finally ordered a replacement for them!! I'm just so excited), Blanco top, Accessorize Teddy Mitten(they're actually only mittens if the teddy is facing down, and we don't want that do we?), RayBan sunglasses, Duck Belt vintage

bought this skirt at H&M the other first i wasn't so sure if i liked it or not, but then...I just fell in love!! It had this big bow on it that had to go, but other then that..i love it!!!

This is me after a flee market..damn I'm missed them..stupid winter!! i ended up buying a long 70s polka dot dress which I'm probably never ever going to wear, but it just looked so pretty i had to buy it..and also a book on Buddhism and astrology and also glasses...not really sure why a bought those though...oh and after we wear in Munich and i bought the most beautiful horsie dress of all times!! i say that about lots of stuff but this is really beautiful!! oh (i had an exciting day today..hahaa) i had my first driving lesson today..and i must say it went well..i didn't hurt any one, nor did i scratch any cars..i'm happy^^....and i also finished my essay for school..gosh finally!! it was due today. Mines was about FGM in Somalia, it was quite interesting i might say. And now I'm going to watch The Brady Bunch to get ready for my English test tomorrow...oh if every test could be an English test, life would be so much easier =P

Sunday, January 9, 2011

But it was on SALE!!!!!

so what if i'm almost broke, when it's on SALE it's on SALE!!! bought a similar dress to this from then it turned out it was out of stock...i was so mad...i didn't need to be..then i found this little beauty by the even cheaper..well i'm happy!!
My mister even got something out of my whole shopping issue...he got new shoes!! which makes him happy...and if he's happy and i'm happy...then everyone is HAPPY.. well not really school starts again tomorrow...boohoo...i hate it..but i have to think positive ...only a few more months to go and i'm free!!! free at last!!!

THINGS CAME IN TODAY!! THE DRESS IS SO BEAUTIFUL..will have to lose a bit weight though...well...only on my arms...but i'll do everything for the dress =P


Look what i got!!!

This is probably my most favourit piece at the moment...i got this rucksack as a birthday present from matthias, i love it so much!!! i was actually bidding for the rucksack myself on ebay...but then i had to go work so i asked him to bid for me..and then he called and told me that it got to expensive so he didn't buy it...i was so so so you can imagine how happy i was when i opened up the big present and found saw my dream rucksack in the box!!! ahhhh annnd, you can't see it that well but ..there are lamas on the pockets and at the bottom..i love it!!!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

i fell in love

Der kapitalistische Konsumapparat hat mich voll im Griff.

ballet flats by YSL. out now. seen on

♥ Antonia

Thinking bout 60s

coat, scarf: H&M, tights: Zara, pullover: Mango, skirt: C&A, shoes: Urban Outfitters, watch: Casio, other accessories: Accessorize, bag and bow: thrifted

isn't this just the most beautiful tapestry bag ever?? well maybe not ever..but it's pretty close i just love bought it on the flee market from this lady, who told me that her grandma just died so she had to get rid of her stuff..well i thought that was kind of sad...why would you tell me sad stories while im totally excited about my new bag??

oh i just love "The Brady Bunch" i basically grew up watching them..they're so perfect and pretty and well dressed...just got this fluffy complete series box from parents for my birthday..wonderful!! And lets not forget my dear NANCY SINATRA i love her so much...and now i finally have the LP i was so boyfriend gave it to me also on my birthday...i'll have to show you some other stuff i got ..sorry i didn't post anything in ages..but i had so much stuff to do for school...well i still do...but i squeezed you in!!



Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Urban Outfitters Order

Zur Zeit gibts bei UO 5 Euro Rabatt auf die Versandkosten! Außerdem ist SALE. Wer da nicht zuschlägt ist selber Schuld.

Ich habe mir 2 Paar Schuhe und 2 Taschen bestellt. Die beiden Taschen sind im Sale und haben jeweils 25 Euro gekostet - mal sehen welche ich behalte. Die Umhängetasche hat mich schon lange angelacht, und jetzt ist sie endlich reduziert!!!! 76 Euro hätte ich dafür niemals hingeblättert. Der Rucksack kam ursprünglich 60 Euro...die haben echt gesalzene Preise! Thank god its SALE.

Sorry übrigends das es keine Outfitposts mehr gibt. Ich hab zur Zeit leider keine Kamera...und iPhone Fotos möchte ich keinem antun. 

♥ Antonia