Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ladies night!

so you know that Andrea and I are students. 
This is why we can party and enjoy ourselves when ever we want to! YEAH!
Here is what we did the other night.
 I went over to Andrea's place. First of all we decided to cook some dinner.
And because we are cool student girls, don't have much money and because it's just better, 
we made something VEGETARIAN! as usual.

Risotto rice
about 300g Mushrooms (3 people)
carrots (or some other vegetables, what you want)
vegetable stock
pepper, paprika spice
parmesan cheese
bread and wine

cut the onions and roast them.
put the, also well cut, mushrooms and vegetables inside. roast.
then the risotto rice. roast.

now put about two cups of water inside and two soup spoons of vegetable stock.
simmer it at low heat for about 25 minutes. it's important that the water covers the mushroom rice.
stir it every now and then. and put some more water inside if needed.

It's perfect when it's a bit mushy! 
at the end add pepper and spices. Parmesan cheese - and done.
Salat or bread are perfect as a side dish. white wine blends so well with the risotto.

Such a fast and easy vegetarian dinner!

Afterwards we got dressed up. just to be dressed up. just in case.
we had no idea what we wanted to do or where we wanted to go. 

so that's what we did. first of all in Andrea's room. 
where we skyped with hannah. with lots of singing and dancing and rihanna and FUN! 
afterwards at a club in vienna. 
where we found a PHOTOBOOTH!
of course we can not pass a photobooth! 

After a long night we just fell in our beds. I woke up and had to go back to munich.
Best time. as usual. with lovely mrs. andrea. 
I miss her and hannah <3

LOVE Steffi

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1, 2, 3...days until christmas!


 You need:
photos, pens, glitter or what ever you want to put in the calendar.
depends on to whom you want to give it.
some colourful tape
white paper bags
a cardboard
some garn or nails to fix your bags

Start with putting the numbers on your paper bags. 
I did it with tape, stickers and what ever came in my mind.
Every bag is unique.

Now think about what you want to fill in the bags. On some days more, some days less. 
And in this case the bags are a bit see-through. so it's not clear whats inside them.
but you can have a guess.
So fill them and close them however you want. 
i used some garn, a stampler and some golden clips which look very nice.

Oh and not to forget, the board.
i just drew on a nice frame and cut it out. 

now it's about to fix the filled paperbags on the board.
you can use simply some glue, some garn as well, 
or these little golden nails which you can stick through the bag and the board 
and fix them in the back.

also you can make two little holes put the garn from the back to the front 
and cord the bag up with it.

The 24. is the special one of course. and filled with all the best. <3

at the end i used some stamps for my "headline"
here it's again up to you what you want to write. maybe some christmas stuff.
but you can also write "EAT IT!" or "I made it because i was bored" "...have to much time"
be creative!

Now you have your lovely, colourful, FANCY and unique advent calendar!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Traveling with lomography!

the past two years have been the most exciting and amazing ever.
so many great places, people and experiences.
I'm so thankful for all the great moments, they made me the person i am now. 
even if I don't quite know who this person is yet. 

Always with me, my lomo cameras.
so watch these great pictures. and love them.


 In front of Topshop, where i have been for like 5h. great time! ;) Camera: Sprocket Rocket.

 walk on the beach. with paul. and the Actionsampler Camera.

I don't like the food in London. But English breakfast after a long night partying ist the best...

 Fish and chips. of course. Sprocket Rocket (best camera ever)

 Lomo LC-A makes this possible and with the polaroid package on it, you can do these great credit card sized polaroids!

 London eye. LC-A as well.


 Frequency Festival 2011. This picture was made with an expired film. so much love!!!

 Andi and I, 2011 in Moosburg, yeah! Sprocket without perforation.


 As you all know, i love the naschmarkt. 
I was there nearly every saturday to grab some great vegetables, falafel, hummous or whatever. they have everything! 
this picture was made with a Sardina camera. very simple to handle. very great pictures.

 On my way to cyberlab. best laboratory. they developed all my films. Done with Diana F!

 Andi, Niko and me. last summer in Vienna. We went shopping and had some pizza. LC-A.

 DOUBLE EXPOSURE! with the Sprocket!


 Café Aroma in the great Glockenbachviertel. i love that places. next to me, the lovely susanna. camera: Sardina.


 POLAROID! yay. i love it! i i love what the picture does when you put your fingers on it right after it comes out. 
it's worth paying that much money for one film...

and finally, a too dark picture in front of the Brandenburgertor. wich looks just amazing. 
nothing more to say...

Think about buying a Lomocam. not expensive and a surprise with every picture. great fun!!!!!

LOVE Steffi

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


 We kind of thought that the concert was on Wednesday and not Tuesday. Just because Annick said it once and we all kind of accepted it without checking. Since I had uni and work that day it kind of wasn't a good day but the fink concert made everything good again.
Ohh and we got lost searching for the venue...even though we did pass it and all of us commented on how perfect that location would be for a concert. 

I have seen him before but that concert was probably that best one I've been to. It was so amazing!
Everything about it was just wow! The music, the atmosphere..Everything!!
Plus I was there with my lovely Annick and Lena.
We did miss out on Rae Morris as support though. I just had to eat something.
After the concert Annick and I bought the live EP and got it signed annd I got a hug! I was excited I tell you!

I actually hadn't listened to the new album before the concert and now I'm in love with it!
I've been listening to eat on repeat for a week now!! My roommates now hate me a bit!

love Andrea

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


ok guys, i'm still not very in love with this city. 
i always think, well munich you are trying, and some places are really nice,
BUT VIENNA can do this so much better! 
i think my problem are the people, they are freaking me out sometimes with there hustle and bustle!
I'm not used to this anymore!

 but when i see a picture like this one below, 
i just forget all my anger about the (sometimes) crazy people and have to laugh!
thanks for this beer advertisment! i think it goes well with my annoyed face.

Pullover from COS, trousers WOOD WOOD, shoes urban outfitters, jacket American Apparel

Anyway there are some amazing people in Munich of course. Like Lisa in this picture below.
The other day we decided to cook a delicious dinner for our lovely friend Vera. 
In her flat in Munich.
And as you can see, Lisa had the great job to be Steffi's assistant! 
look how concentrated she is:)


1 box frozen spinach
1 box not-boiled lasagna noodles
2 small Onions
2 packages feta cheese
1 package finely grated Parmesan cheese
Pepper, vegetable stock

Bring some water, with a table spoon of vegetable stock, to the boil.
add the frozen spinach and cook it on low heat until its melted.
cut the feta and the onions.
now take a casserole dish, put some olivoil on the ground and start to put your ingredients inside.
first of all the noodles, then some spinach, onions, feta, a bit pepper and noodles again.

end with the feta and top the whole thing with A LOT OF PARMESAN! 
then again a bit pepper aaaaand put it in the oven. 
for about 25 minutes. just wait until the cheese is really crunchy!

We made some salad with the rest of the feta and cucumber. 
but to be honest, this was to much feta;)
anyway salad is a great side dish for the lasagna!

This was a very nice dinner 
and i'm pretty sure there are a lot more beautiful days and nights in munich to come. 
I'm just not already used to the people here and haven't had enough WOW-moments.
But i think the time will come very soon and i will say:
 well munich, i think this can work out with the two of us...

love Steffi

Monday, November 19, 2012

Make your Own Skirt!!

Hi there you lovely people! Once again I tried to do something productive uni stuff and got distracted by all the needles constantly lying around on the floor in my room. So naturally I had to sew something to get them all tidied up. 
So I decided to make a wrap skirt! I have this beautiful material which I haven't had the courage to touch earlier since it's pretty special. Matthias went to Rwanda last year to take some photos of the SOS children's village for an article he did with this girl for their website and brought me back lots of pretty things. One of them was this great handmade material! I love it!! Plus it has these big fish on it! FANTASTIC!

I started with the waistband. I used a 10cm wide piece of the material and made sure that it went about 1 1/2 times around my waist. Then I folded 1cm strip of the material inwards. This is where you are going to be sewing your skirtpiece onto.

I pleated the skirt part of the material. I wanted the skirt to be just above the knee and that was about 50 cm.
Ijust folded a 5cm piece of the fabric, left a couple of cm in between and then did it again. I wanted it to have an A-line so I just folded it at the top an then put pins in to make sure it keeps it's shape.

Now you put your lower skirt piece onto your waistband. Fold the other side of the waistband also at about 1 cm and then fold it again to cover the top part of you skirt fabric. 
I hope you can see what I mean in the picture below. It's actually pretty simple. Especially if your sewing machine is working. 

This is what you waistband looks like all ready to sew!

This is what the skirt should look like when it's finished. Of course you can also use buttons to close it instead of strings but I prefer it like this. It's more comfortable plus I can adjust it incase I have to much cake or know what I mean?

This is the finished skirt. On the right you can see it with the top I want to make for it. I just have to create a pattern that fits. Let's hope it works because I would love to wear it like this! 

This one I made a couple of weeks ago. I also have a top in the making to go with it but since my sewing machine gave up on me I kind of didn't get around to hand sewing it. I love this skirt because you can wear it from both sides! 
Here I used another material to make the strings for the closing of the skirt. Just because the top is the same blue from the front. I'll show it to you when it's done I promise. It was actually supposed to be a dress but I didn't think about how I would get into the dress with the high waistline and the top of the dress being pretty tight. So now it's a two piece. 

If I kind of confused you with something here feel free to ask and I'll try explaining it again! 

Love Andrea

Sunday, November 18, 2012

We baked it ourselves with love - Waffles!

So here we made waffles with a baking mixture from "Kauf dich glücklich" because the packaging looked so wonderful sitting on the shelve in the store.. but of course we have a great recipe in store for you as well.

This is a very special recipe for waffles! waffeln a la Oma Grete: (ca. 6-8 waffels)

Oma Grete was my boyfriends great-grandmother and this was her very special recipe handed down to him.
It's pretty easy and the waffles are just delicious.

225g flour
3 eggs
1/4 butter
80g sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and/or the juice of half a lemon
1 cup of milk

mix butter, sugar and eggs together,
then slowly add the flour

you're done! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

love Andrea

day off!

Hey there,
 here are some photos of an amazing day in vienna, just doing what i felt like...

First of all we went to cafè phil. of course. i love that place.
nice vintage furniture (which you can buy), nice cafè and breakfast AND books.
Art books.

Afterwards we had a walk through rainy vienna, taking pictures and enjoying the city.
It's weird to go there as a "visitor".
It feels like my hometown. I know vienna better than any other city.
BUT the good thing is, it's still special for me to go there...


blouse Forever 21, jacket and pullover American Apparel, Leggings Top Shop, shoes Kauf dich glücklich

For dinner we went to NAM NAM. An indian restaurant.
I feel so happy when i just think about the food they have.

LOVE Steffi