Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Part II


"Barhana" a little restaurant in the Čaršija part of the city!

My baby boy's birthday was on the 1.8. so we celebrated with star wars muffins, 
presents and a hike to bijela tabija at night. We had pizza, bier and cookies! 

 Oh and we also watched wolverine on the 31.7. at 12 o'clock...
the boys were disappointed. 

You should definitely go up to bijela tabija if you visit Sarajevo!
 It has the most beautiful view of the city. You shouldn't be too afraid of heights though it's pretty scary and dark.
 I was making up horror story plots all the way up the hill. 

"A group of German tourists visit an eastern european country...bla bla bla..!!"
 hostel without the hostel!! THE MOVIE
bye bye kidneys

The second part of our summer trip to Sarajevo!
I'll try to give some tipps of places I love as I go!

Hope you like it!

love Andrea

Monday, August 26, 2013



The perfect song for the past month.

We've been a bit preoccupied with relaxing for the last couple of weeks...
sorry for being so absent..
but here are some photos of our first day in Sarajevo!
I will be oversharing and posting way too many photos..
but I just couldn't decide what to post!

The boys arrived early in the morning and we went and had breakfast at my grandmas house. She made uštipke! So tasty! 

tunnel near my grandmas house that we used as a 
shortcut to the ciglane pijaca

"Torte i to" on top of the BBI shopping centre. 
And below, the view from the terrace there.
They have the best brownies!! 

The photos were taken by my boyfriend. 
Check his site out!!
thanks for letting me share

love Andrea