Monday, September 20, 2010

what a wonderful day!

this is probably one of my favourite pairs of shoes ..i had to buy two pairs on ebay green and black and they blew me away!! i saw them at urbanoufitters online and fell in love..a week later i found them on ebay and was so ecstatic!

medium format, yashicamat 124 g with a really great 70s belt it!

dress zara, jacket levis, sunglasses rayban "clubmaster", shoes urban outfitters, rings vintage, bangle accessorize, circle scarf new yorker

I bought this dress in zagreb this summer and i absolutely love's leopard it's sexy and it still looks casual. Zagreb is such a beautiful city.. i kind of didn't except that...well i've been there before when i was younger but i guess i just didn't realise it back's not only a wonderful city for shopping but also great for sightseeing and little coffee shops and art..i loved it. And The levis jacket is probably one of my favourite items at the moment.. it just makes every outfit look great and casual it just has something about it..i bought it on ebay for 13euro..that even makes it greater :P

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  1. i love this look, things & pictures..
    they're really some of my most favourite ones up to now..