Saturday, September 25, 2010

A day of vintage shopping!

What an awesome day of second-hand shopping!! it was so much fun...there's this great store in landshut ,near wear i live...and they have furniture and vinyl and clothes and you can find really great stuff there and really cheap.. i bought two pairs of boots (these suede/snakeskin optic black ones ) and other black ones with a sort of gold buttons on them...both really lovely..great leather and for 5 euros together...annnndd i got a really beautiful Acne black blazer type of jacket for free because i had it on and the guy said it was ok and let me through...and i also bought 2 belts and 2 ties and some other stuff...i'll have to show you...i'm just so happy :D

dress h&m, cardigan blanco, boots, rings and bag vintage, bracelets and earrings accessorize 
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