Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First day of school!!!

Oh gosh today was the first day of school...of course, i had to decide to go to 13th grade while all my other friends are already finished, so now.... i have a whole new class...but... i guess i'm a big girl now, i'll get through it :P And it's always good for the future to have more education right?

I had a really cute outfit to show you today...because of course i put some thought into it...but unfortunately my boyfriend took the camera with him to work so you'll have to wait till tomorrow:(

ANNDD i got my new VOGUE!! don't we just love vogue? and this month it's a big issue...with an extra magazine on successful women..i love reading success stories that...it just motivates me to become something more and follow my goals, instead of giving up!!

good night everybody!!

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