Monday, November 15, 2010

Feeling sick!

Okay so i'm sick..great huh? being sick is not good but staying at home and watching will&Grace all day(will&grace being my studying for the english test tomorrow), listening to my new LPs  and reading Stephen King is great!! I was at a flea market on saturday..i didn't buy much..somehow it's always the same people..only a different location..which means i already have everything i wanted to buy from them...but anyway i bought myself a QUEEN greatest hits LP and PINK FLOYD wish you were here...i love those two!! Oh and Christmas Shopping..i just discovered this new site and love's perfect for buying presents check it out!!

This is a picture of my room ..well it's a bit different now..but all in all the same..and its not usually so messy...well it probably is... anyways this is it..also in the picutre my Vice DO's and DONT's book and my little tapestry box bag... it's broken but when i get it fixed you'll be the first to see it!!
Oh and what i've been wanting to tell you...check out this blog also does all of my photos and plus i love him! 

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