Saturday, November 13, 2010

munich oh munich...

i was at the american apparel store that day..and asked if they were looking for people...and they took photos of me..and my cell phone number...gosh it was all so quick..i just thought i'll ask and then ..well think about applying ...and then suddenly i had to take out my piercing and smile..hmmm should i or shouldn't i??well anyway...i have this bag in another shape as well...i had the other one first...and then i saw this one in the same thrift store and had to have it...i just love the sac shape!!! And of course in this most favorite   shoes in the whole wide world...which of course you all know, but..they're getting more and more uncomfortable  each day and falling apart...what shall i do? i'm so sad!!! What do you think of these topshop shoes instead of my little ones??

posted by Andrea


  1. oh cool mal ein weiterer Blog aus München das freut mich und ein schöner noch hinzu :) sehr schön gefällt mir sehr eure blog :)

    Hey great blog I love your outfit its perfect!!! Such a nice blog!!