Wednesday, November 3, 2010

my golden shoes....

just came back from Mannheim, visiting was so much bars are just crazy!!...also went to this club where they only played music that we like listentend to when we were was just like a much fun!! after visiting the american diner and eating nachos with cheese and guacamole, veggie burger with fries, blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and then to top it of a chocolate did we feel discusting!! but it was fun and we burnt all the calories dancing right?? probably not...but i like to believe that so just let me!! didn't do much shopping...bought a grey cardigan with a gold chain around the neck and where the buttons are...and that was about it...i am so proud..finally getting the hang on saving..well kind of...but i am getting better! i love holidays!!

i love this outfit because its so casual and yet i don't feel boring...and why is that?? well because of my little golden shoes and the groovy belt and its still comfy...i'm happy

gosh i love these shoes!! i'm so into gold and glitter these days terrible..will have to show you my new vintage golden xxl cardigan

vintage: shoes,belt,cardigan,necklace, h&m: jeans, top, american apparel: scarf
by andrea