Sunday, January 9, 2011

But it was on SALE!!!!!

so what if i'm almost broke, when it's on SALE it's on SALE!!! bought a similar dress to this from then it turned out it was out of stock...i was so mad...i didn't need to be..then i found this little beauty by the even cheaper..well i'm happy!!
My mister even got something out of my whole shopping issue...he got new shoes!! which makes him happy...and if he's happy and i'm happy...then everyone is HAPPY.. well not really school starts again tomorrow...boohoo...i hate it..but i have to think positive ...only a few more months to go and i'm free!!! free at last!!!

THINGS CAME IN TODAY!! THE DRESS IS SO BEAUTIFUL..will have to lose a bit weight though...well...only on my arms...but i'll do everything for the dress =P



  1. I loove the dress!xx

  2. it's still on sale =D i love it...hope it's not to short though^