Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let's travel to Egypt!

Hello, hello! So I got introduced a couple of posts ago, I'm Hannah. I thought I'd start my blogging experience by sharing a wonderful week with you. Here is my warm and sunny (not like this silly german snow, yes... SNOW, weather) EGYPT trip!

 If you think of Egypt, you of course think of pyramids and the sphinx, but I didn't see them this trip. I went very far south... to Marsa Alam. There was nothing but desert and the beach.

 I met these very nice egyptian guys. They lived in a little hut by the beach and sold jewelry. I met them on my first day in egypt and spent a lot of time with them. They where so very sweet and shared everything they had. They made me a bunch of bracelets, gave me pretty necklaces, shared their tea and cigarettes and gave me great spices (the first picture). I should have just stayed with them!! No stupid german nasty weather to deal with.

One day I went horseback riding. We galloped around the desert and I swear.. I haven't felt that free in a very, very long time. I rode that cutie patootie on the left..

 Yeah, I like this guy. God, I had so much fun with the camels. They are so freaking relaxed and their faces... they always have a "what the hell do you want from me, you freak. " look on there face.

BUT the best part of the trip... I went snorkeling. I have never ever seen anything that beautiful. So you snorkeled and snorkeled all the while the water is like up to your hips and then BAM it just dropped 15 meters. AND THEN you saw corals and fish in the most colorful ways possible. It was crazy!! I even saw clownfish, let me tell you.. those little nemos are freaking cute.

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