Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lovely MQ!

Hey there,
the other day i went shopping. with andrea. of course. i tried a few outfits. 
tried to wear my hair open and to band it, tried some red lipstick some glasses and watches. 
and made pictures.
we just had fun in the fitting rooms of vienna. 

 Finaly i decidet to wear this outfit.
 Doesn't look very comfortable, but it is. if you don't sit down or something;)
the first time wearing these trousers is tricky. i must admit that.

 Everything from American Apparel. except the shoes. Andrea and i bought them together (surprise) at a 
tiny little second hand shop near munich. for 2€. aren't they cute?

last part of our shopping tour: the lomography-store. i never leave the museumsquartier 
without having a look if there is a new camera or film.
And what's the best after a big shopping tour with andrea?
To sit down in the MQ, have a coffee and watch the people passing. 

LOVE Steffi

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