Friday, October 12, 2012

When The Sun Goes Down!

Hi there lovelies! I thought it was time for an outfit post..well sort of. Last Sunday all the stores were open till 6pm. Which is a really big thing in Bavaria! So my boyfriend decided to take me on a date. We went to Landshut and drank coffee..ohh and he even bought me a little something. 
On our way home we stopped by this lake for a stroll. It was really nice.

I love this blouse! I bought it in my favourite thrift store for 1€. Now this my dear friends is also one of my beloved Schn├Ąppchen outfits for under 20€. Which makes me really happy!! This is actually a new H&M cardigan...which I also got in the same store as the blouse and also for a 1€. 

This is also a really great skirt (well in my opinion anyway) but it's just so damn short! It's just too exhausting! I really need to figure out a way to change that. 

Do you want to hear my most favourite joke?? You probably don't but I will share anyways! 
What's the difference between Jesus and Casanova?? Do you know??
Their facial expressions while being nailed!! hhihihihihi... I really love it! It always makes me laugh!

And here a fun song to finish everything off! I just can't stop singing it!! Even though I don't really love cats. Just Halloween cat ears that I always wear around the house. They also make me happy!
I went shopping today again and bought great stuff. Glitter, saddle shoes, Gold, a table...lots of stuff. I will need to show you everything soon. I'm just to excited!
Great day today! I hope yours was wonderful as well! 

love Andrea 

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