Tuesday, December 18, 2012

christmas cards!


to buy:

- some nice paper and christmas stuff,
  like star sticker or like these golden trees i bought
- some colour 
- scissors
- needle and yarn

1. Cut your paper into the size you want your cards.
you can make big ones for your very best friend, 
your parents or just the people you love!
you can make tiny little ones 
wich you can hang on your gifts as name cards,
you can make small ones for small friends. 
(so i did that for lisa, but with a big HEART on it;)

2. put some colour on your cards. 
as a frame or draw something however you want
you can cut something out as well. 
i wrote "christmas". 
ok that's not very clear to be honest. 
let's say it's "cool";)

here i have special scissors. you just cut and it makes this! 
just google it, so easy to order somewhere;) and cheap!

Another thing you can do is: 
take your sewing machine 
and make a nice seam as a frame on your card.

or sew a letter on it. it's so easy. try! 
or take a needle and a thread and do it by hand.
(it's much more fun with the sewing machine)

So create your cards however you want. 
these are just some suggestions how you can do it!
but you will see, when you start making your cards 
the creativity will overwhelm you and your family and friends 
will be moved to tears on christmas eve.
the perfect accomplishment to your gifts!



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