Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thrift Store Shopping!

Thrift Store Shopping! 

Home from Barcelona and soo sad that it's over!! The city is just too beautiful! And it was warm and sunny! PERFECT! 
I needed cheering up and what's better than a trip to my favourite thrift store in Landshut.
So I did just that! 
 We came 15 minutes before closing time so I rushed through but I still managed to find a few things I liked. 
I bought little cups for bosnian coffee (when my parents visit) and a pretty red wallet. 
Got everything for 1€. I wanted to buy these shoes but couldn't decide on the size.

 I liked the blue shoes more but they were a bit too small and the green ones felt too big so I didn't get them. 

Ohhh and Matthias brought me my dream boots from NY!! I now own red cowboy boots!! I'm so excited! 
I've been walking around the house in my lovely new boots for the past 3 days...they just make me so terribly happy! 

Love Andrea

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