Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rainy Days.

Jeans H&M, pullover Mango, rest thrifted!

The weather has been going crazy around here lately! I hate it! Just when I get all excited to wear something really summery it starts to rain and gets really cold! I'm not too happy about that! 
The other day was one of those crazy rainy days and this is what I wore! 
I liked it and we went shopping for a bit and I clearly liked that! good thing my boyfriend is a shopper as well so no problem there. 
Also some friends came over and we made pizza and drank wine. So it turned out to be a wonderful day despite all the rain. 

All this weather changing keeps messing with my head. I get  depressed and sometimes if I'm lucky a headache and spend all day in bed watching the mentalist (good thing I'm through with all the episodes now). So sad! I can tell my kids one day...that I spent my early twenties in bed watching tv shows just because the sun didn't shine all the time..GOOD! I need to change! 

Sooo anyway... today is a wonderfully warm and sunny day! So listen to Jamiroquai, get on your bike and get outside!!

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