Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 This is me saying HI! Soo hi there my lovelies...it's me Steffi.
These photos are from a photoshoot for ORF...it's not going to be published or anything..it was just a test shoot. But  this is basically me, in my room, in my german outfit (it was my outfit for public viewing when Germany was playing), and you can also see my timer. I'm a big timer girl. Always doodling around and keeping all my memories together! Ohh and I do loves me cookies.

  One more little thing that I obsess with are Lomo cameras! It's terrible! I have I don't know how many...but a lot! and sometimes I just can't decide which one to take out with me..so I have this huge lomo bag where a lot of them fit in and then they all go. But I'm in love with them so it's ok I guess. And if something makes you happy, why not obsess a little and go over the top right??

Oh and this is me wearing all American Apparel...I kind of work there..so there's a lot more where that came from. Everything except the dotty top..that's actually a playsuit and wonderful and also forever 21.

<3 Steffi

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