Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello Sunshine!

Last weekend my boyfriends parents had this big get-together where all of his siblings and there partners came, some with kids. It was really great. His mom is just so adorable. Notice how she matched all those beautiful cushions with the towels on the chairs? Well thats her...she left us ice-cream money on the table and everything was perfect. There were candles and flowers and matching towels everywhere. I loved it. Plus they have a pool in there backyard and it was a hot sunny day..what more can you ask for, right? I do hope though that it's not one of the last hot days this year. Summer was way to short to be over now.

This is me testing the water then loving it and geting ready to jump in!
Oh summer how I love you

the blouse is AA, the top Weekday and the bottom is H&M

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