Monday, September 17, 2012

I lOVE Schnäppchen!!

So this outfit is one that combines everything I love . I love it when I put something on and everything ads up to like ... I don't know.. 20 euro...I love that!!! And it's also really comfortable.
 So this one cost  a tad bit more but only because of the scarf which is from AA. Everything else is  thrifted except the tights and the clutch..those are from Accessorize but I got them on sale for i think about 3 euros each. These are soo definitely my favourite tights they spell LOVE fabulous!! The dress is COS (3 €) the coat (2,50€) and the boots (2€). That just makes me so happy. It's kind of a hobby. Even my couch cost 10€ on ebay and she's (it's a girl) so pretty and green.  
I'm going to be posting some tipps on how find great stuff really cheap. You just have to have a list of what you want and then be patient. I think it's fun browsing ebay and etsy and searching through thrift stores for the perfect item. For instance i've been searching for the perfect red cowboy boots for probably about 4 years and I'll keep on waiting till the perfect pair pops up. Until then I'll just enjoy my 3 other pairs that I've stumbled upon while on the hunt (that's sort of the buy a lot more than you usually would) but it's all a schnäppchen so it's only reasonable, right??

So anyway look just how awkward I look in these photos! The first one shows me trying to pull a straight face.. real fierce right? NO!! And then I just sort of gave up and went with it.

<3 Andrea

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