Sunday, October 7, 2012

Naschmarkt shopping

hey everybody!
today i didn't know what to cook. so i decided to go to the inspiring naschmarkt. 
Fruits, vegetables, spices, fish, flowers, simply EVERYTHING! 
The most colourful place in the whole world. 

So i went shopping to find the best ingredients for dinner.

cardigan and trousers COS. Jacket and shoes American Apparel.

For the couscous salad you need:
couscous, oil, vinegar, garlic, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, lemon, salt and pepper.

Bring the water with a bit lemon and salt to the boil. 
Put the couscous inside and leave it about 10 minutes. 
Chip the vegetables and put all together. 
Throw in salt, pepper, lemon and garlic. ditch it for about 30 minutes. 
then add oil and vinegar. 

If you want to, put some sheep's cheese inside.

TADAAAA! Couscous salad with fried zucchini and halloumi!

LOVE Steffi

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