Thursday, October 4, 2012


Here are some photos from my summer vacation! I already miss SUMMER! My boyfriend and I went on a road trip from Sarajevo to Zagreb and then to Venice and then to Germany. It was a lot of fun...well as soon as we got to Venice. I sort of forgot my ATM card in a coffee shop in Sarajevo and I realised it when I wanted to pay for tights in Zagreb. I sort of got overly emotional and we drove all the way back picked up my card at my cousins house and then drove back to Zagreb (it took us like 18 hours). Matthias was sort of pissed but that was all forgotten once we saw our wonderful apartment in Venice. A bit big for only two people but thats what happens when you let a guy to the organising. 

We were on a boat bringing us from one Croatian island to another. I love boat rides..i do get a bit dizzy but otherwise it's great. This was also the perfect thing to wear for the occation. Notice that it's a playsuit and it always stays down when it gets really windy.

My most favourite chips! Twisties! I always make my Australien relatives send me some...they're the best.  Fantastically cheesy and twisted. PERFECT!

My leopard dress...I love it with my jeans kind of dresses it down and makes it look almost casual. Ohh and this is what I look like when I'm brushing my teeth...zuckersüß!

This is one of my most favourite pieces in my closet. It's a kimono style silk dress from Zara. And the best thing about it is ...that I found it in a outlet sort of store in Sarajevo for about 7 €. I'm still so excited that it's mine. I love it so much!

love Andrea

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