Friday, October 26, 2012

Hallo There Classy Lady!

Hannah took these photos with her cellphone when she was here a few weeks back. We sort of dressed matchy all the time. Not on purpose though! Look how great all the colours go together!!
We felt so classy that day! We wanted to jump on a horse and ride off to the nearest country club!

I love this hat soo much! But Vienna doesn''s always so windy! I would also love to have bangs but thanks to the weather I can't...Oh and in Vienna bangs mean STIRNFRANSEN!! Thats probably my most favourite "Austrian" word. It sounds like a disease but it's not! I love it. 

I wore my wonderful Zara horse dress! (My roommate studies something with horses and yet I'm the one that has 4 horse dresses and a pair of loafers with horses on them!!)
Hannah and I are both passionate cowboy boots lovers! She had these great red ones a couple of years ago...and they were huge! but she wore them and I was terribly jealous even though they were probably a mens size.
Hani bunny will be posting some pictures of her Egyptian adventures last week. Blöde Kuh! She got to lay in the sun while I was freezing here! And now she's going to rub it in all of our faces!! 
I still love you though!

<3 Andrea

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