Monday, October 29, 2012


 the last days where so rainy and cold.
but this is no reason NOT to go out. you just have to dress up a bit wormer, wear good shoes
AND you need a hip umbrella, like mine.


and please look at the nails, the great sheer nailpolish from American Apparel makes this possible.

especially in these dark and rainy days colour is so IMPORTANT!!!
here a video how to do it extra colourful and lovely:

 trousers, longsleve, bag and umbrella from American Apparel. Jacket from H&M. Lipstick Chanel.

You can combine it like this as well, a big cardigan, a circle scarf and sneakers 
(or for winter some leather boots) 
and you have a total different outfit, yay! 

scarf and cardigan American Apparel, shoes vintage.

LOVE Steffi

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