Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1, 2, 3...days until christmas!


 You need:
photos, pens, glitter or what ever you want to put in the calendar.
depends on to whom you want to give it.
some colourful tape
white paper bags
a cardboard
some garn or nails to fix your bags

Start with putting the numbers on your paper bags. 
I did it with tape, stickers and what ever came in my mind.
Every bag is unique.

Now think about what you want to fill in the bags. On some days more, some days less. 
And in this case the bags are a bit see-through. so it's not clear whats inside them.
but you can have a guess.
So fill them and close them however you want. 
i used some garn, a stampler and some golden clips which look very nice.

Oh and not to forget, the board.
i just drew on a nice frame and cut it out. 

now it's about to fix the filled paperbags on the board.
you can use simply some glue, some garn as well, 
or these little golden nails which you can stick through the bag and the board 
and fix them in the back.

also you can make two little holes put the garn from the back to the front 
and cord the bag up with it.

The 24. is the special one of course. and filled with all the best. <3

at the end i used some stamps for my "headline"
here it's again up to you what you want to write. maybe some christmas stuff.
but you can also write "EAT IT!" or "I made it because i was bored" "...have to much time"
be creative!

Now you have your lovely, colourful, FANCY and unique advent calendar!

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