Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ladies night!

so you know that Andrea and I are students. 
This is why we can party and enjoy ourselves when ever we want to! YEAH!
Here is what we did the other night.
 I went over to Andrea's place. First of all we decided to cook some dinner.
And because we are cool student girls, don't have much money and because it's just better, 
we made something VEGETARIAN! as usual.

Risotto rice
about 300g Mushrooms (3 people)
carrots (or some other vegetables, what you want)
vegetable stock
pepper, paprika spice
parmesan cheese
bread and wine

cut the onions and roast them.
put the, also well cut, mushrooms and vegetables inside. roast.
then the risotto rice. roast.

now put about two cups of water inside and two soup spoons of vegetable stock.
simmer it at low heat for about 25 minutes. it's important that the water covers the mushroom rice.
stir it every now and then. and put some more water inside if needed.

It's perfect when it's a bit mushy! 
at the end add pepper and spices. Parmesan cheese - and done.
Salat or bread are perfect as a side dish. white wine blends so well with the risotto.

Such a fast and easy vegetarian dinner!

Afterwards we got dressed up. just to be dressed up. just in case.
we had no idea what we wanted to do or where we wanted to go. 

so that's what we did. first of all in Andrea's room. 
where we skyped with hannah. with lots of singing and dancing and rihanna and FUN! 
afterwards at a club in vienna. 
where we found a PHOTOBOOTH!
of course we can not pass a photobooth! 

After a long night we just fell in our beds. I woke up and had to go back to munich.
Best time. as usual. with lovely mrs. andrea. 
I miss her and hannah <3

LOVE Steffi

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