Wednesday, November 14, 2012

day off!

Hey there,
 here are some photos of an amazing day in vienna, just doing what i felt like...

First of all we went to cafè phil. of course. i love that place.
nice vintage furniture (which you can buy), nice cafè and breakfast AND books.
Art books.

Afterwards we had a walk through rainy vienna, taking pictures and enjoying the city.
It's weird to go there as a "visitor".
It feels like my hometown. I know vienna better than any other city.
BUT the good thing is, it's still special for me to go there...


blouse Forever 21, jacket and pullover American Apparel, Leggings Top Shop, shoes Kauf dich glücklich

For dinner we went to NAM NAM. An indian restaurant.
I feel so happy when i just think about the food they have.

LOVE Steffi

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