Thursday, November 8, 2012

Drag queen art

I wanted to share a very special kind of art form with you. The art of the DRAG QUEENS.
I had the chance to become friends with two lovely ladies, who introduced me into this crazy world.

These are those two gorgeous girls. It is a very different world to dive into, let me tell you!

On the left we have Elektra Trasch, how the name says.. Elektra makes all her costumes out of TRASH, well not only trash, but it does play a big part. It's freaking crazy!
She has one dress which is made out of needles, I don't know how she gets those obscure ideas, but I fell in love with it. 

On the right you see Lady Michel. She's a more classy drag queen. You can't really tell by this picture... BUT normally she wears pretty long dresses and is quit elegant! I have no idea how, but she can dance better in heels that come up to my belly button than I can in flats!

What really fascinates me is watching them transform. Seeing them put make up on and changing into this completely different role. They sure are amazing actors, which makes it a little difficult to find your friend, who is somewhere in that new character. 

Here are a few different Drag queens. They are a little different though. They try to look very much like women, so it's hard to tell by just glancing at them. 
Lady Michel and Elektra Trash are the kind of drag queens that make sure you know that they are men.  I It's a mix between women and men... The make up is unbelievable.. It's so over the top, with all sorts of glitter and flitter. I LOVE IT! 

This was after a party in Trier 

I had the great luck to travel a little across Europe with them. I stayed in the loveliest hotels and went to the most amazing clubs. 
Most of the time we spent our day after the party with culture stuff or just regular Tourist stuff. It was an unbelievable time and I wouldn't want to miss it for the world. 

Our Elektra Trash is now back in Argentina though. We're hoping that she'll come back soon to the country that misses her so much! 

love, hannah

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