Wednesday, November 21, 2012


 We kind of thought that the concert was on Wednesday and not Tuesday. Just because Annick said it once and we all kind of accepted it without checking. Since I had uni and work that day it kind of wasn't a good day but the fink concert made everything good again.
Ohh and we got lost searching for the venue...even though we did pass it and all of us commented on how perfect that location would be for a concert. 

I have seen him before but that concert was probably that best one I've been to. It was so amazing!
Everything about it was just wow! The music, the atmosphere..Everything!!
Plus I was there with my lovely Annick and Lena.
We did miss out on Rae Morris as support though. I just had to eat something.
After the concert Annick and I bought the live EP and got it signed annd I got a hug! I was excited I tell you!

I actually hadn't listened to the new album before the concert and now I'm in love with it!
I've been listening to eat on repeat for a week now!! My roommates now hate me a bit!

love Andrea

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