Tuesday, November 20, 2012


ok guys, i'm still not very in love with this city. 
i always think, well munich you are trying, and some places are really nice,
BUT VIENNA can do this so much better! 
i think my problem are the people, they are freaking me out sometimes with there hustle and bustle!
I'm not used to this anymore!

 but when i see a picture like this one below, 
i just forget all my anger about the (sometimes) crazy people and have to laugh!
thanks for this beer advertisment! i think it goes well with my annoyed face.

Pullover from COS, trousers WOOD WOOD, shoes urban outfitters, jacket American Apparel

Anyway there are some amazing people in Munich of course. Like Lisa in this picture below.
The other day we decided to cook a delicious dinner for our lovely friend Vera. 
In her flat in Munich.
And as you can see, Lisa had the great job to be Steffi's assistant! 
look how concentrated she is:)


1 box frozen spinach
1 box not-boiled lasagna noodles
2 small Onions
2 packages feta cheese
1 package finely grated Parmesan cheese
Pepper, vegetable stock

Bring some water, with a table spoon of vegetable stock, to the boil.
add the frozen spinach and cook it on low heat until its melted.
cut the feta and the onions.
now take a casserole dish, put some olivoil on the ground and start to put your ingredients inside.
first of all the noodles, then some spinach, onions, feta, a bit pepper and noodles again.

end with the feta and top the whole thing with A LOT OF PARMESAN! 
then again a bit pepper aaaaand put it in the oven. 
for about 25 minutes. just wait until the cheese is really crunchy!

We made some salad with the rest of the feta and cucumber. 
but to be honest, this was to much feta;)
anyway salad is a great side dish for the lasagna!

This was a very nice dinner 
and i'm pretty sure there are a lot more beautiful days and nights in munich to come. 
I'm just not already used to the people here and haven't had enough WOW-moments.
But i think the time will come very soon and i will say:
 well munich, i think this can work out with the two of us...

love Steffi

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