Friday, November 2, 2012


These were our Halloween costumes!! I was obviously see how the left side is Eve after the apple and the right side is before the apple! My lovely Sophia is a very pretty sugar skull! It was so cute how she seemed to be smiling all the time because of the mouth make-up! I LOVE it!
And Ioannis my baby girl (just because of our all time favourite youtube video..see below!) he went as a golden shower!! Just wonderful! with tights and shoes and cardigan and make-up and ohh so golden everything! 

We had so much fun getting ready..we ordered pizza and drank wine and danced. So much fun! Just to go to a party that sort of sucked..but ok. We ended up leaving after about an hour and went to our favourite pub were someone threw beer at me (he didn't spill it..he literally threw it at me) and splashed it into a friends we went home! 
But it was still a fun night!! I love halloween. I just wish it were a bigger deal here!
Oh well next year we'll throw our own party!! ok Janni? 

Look how cute she was trying to get us all into the picture! BEAUTIFUL!

Trying to pose for a photo but not being able to stop talking? Yeah that's me!

Hope everyone had a fun night dressing up and going out!!
Here's the baby girl video! 

love Andrea

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