Sunday, November 4, 2012

We Baked It Ourselves With LOVE! chocolate puffs

Hello there lovelies! Today we have a very simple yet very tasty recipe for you. My most favourite little puffs! 
I borrowed a cookbook from the school library when I was 10 and I kind of moved to Europe a week I never got to return it. I've been making puffs ever since. A couple of weeks ago I found the book again and it turns out that they're called muffs not puffs ... but I still prefer puffs.
So here's how it goes!
This makes for about 8 puffs!

5 eggs, 5 flat tablespoons sugar, 150 g chocolate, pinch of salt
That's all you need!!

 Preheat your oven to 180°C
Melt the chocolate over boiling water. Separate the eggs. 

Beat the egg white until stiff, add a pinch of salt. pour the egg yolk and sugar into the melted chocolate and mix together.
Now fold in the egg whites into the chocolate mixture.
Et voilà! You're done!

 Butter your muffin moulds, pour in the batter and shove it into the oven! Now wait for about 15min

It is very chocolatey so we LOVE to eat it with whipped cream! It's the most perfect combination.
Now it's your turn!! Have fun with it. tschüssi. 

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  1. Tasted them some time ago, awesome stuff... thanks to Steffi for the experience. Perhaps this recipe moves me to heat my oven on my own once.