Monday, November 19, 2012

Make your Own Skirt!!

Hi there you lovely people! Once again I tried to do something productive uni stuff and got distracted by all the needles constantly lying around on the floor in my room. So naturally I had to sew something to get them all tidied up. 
So I decided to make a wrap skirt! I have this beautiful material which I haven't had the courage to touch earlier since it's pretty special. Matthias went to Rwanda last year to take some photos of the SOS children's village for an article he did with this girl for their website and brought me back lots of pretty things. One of them was this great handmade material! I love it!! Plus it has these big fish on it! FANTASTIC!

I started with the waistband. I used a 10cm wide piece of the material and made sure that it went about 1 1/2 times around my waist. Then I folded 1cm strip of the material inwards. This is where you are going to be sewing your skirtpiece onto.

I pleated the skirt part of the material. I wanted the skirt to be just above the knee and that was about 50 cm.
Ijust folded a 5cm piece of the fabric, left a couple of cm in between and then did it again. I wanted it to have an A-line so I just folded it at the top an then put pins in to make sure it keeps it's shape.

Now you put your lower skirt piece onto your waistband. Fold the other side of the waistband also at about 1 cm and then fold it again to cover the top part of you skirt fabric. 
I hope you can see what I mean in the picture below. It's actually pretty simple. Especially if your sewing machine is working. 

This is what you waistband looks like all ready to sew!

This is what the skirt should look like when it's finished. Of course you can also use buttons to close it instead of strings but I prefer it like this. It's more comfortable plus I can adjust it incase I have to much cake or know what I mean?

This is the finished skirt. On the right you can see it with the top I want to make for it. I just have to create a pattern that fits. Let's hope it works because I would love to wear it like this! 

This one I made a couple of weeks ago. I also have a top in the making to go with it but since my sewing machine gave up on me I kind of didn't get around to hand sewing it. I love this skirt because you can wear it from both sides! 
Here I used another material to make the strings for the closing of the skirt. Just because the top is the same blue from the front. I'll show it to you when it's done I promise. It was actually supposed to be a dress but I didn't think about how I would get into the dress with the high waistline and the top of the dress being pretty tight. So now it's a two piece. 

If I kind of confused you with something here feel free to ask and I'll try explaining it again! 

Love Andrea

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