Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bosnian food!! student edition: Grah


Today my lovely friends...I decided to try making some Bosnian food. 
As some of you may... or may not know..I was born in Sarajevo but moved away when I was about 3.
It's funny how I never really considered myself to be Bosnian ... I considered myself to be Australian. As I grew older I realised that I don't really feel like "belong" anywhere specific but everywhere. Which is not as sad as it sounds. It makes it easier to move around and see more of the world. I love feeling at home everywhere and being able to get to know new cities without always missing a "hometown". The only thing I cannot not miss is my family but they're usually not far. 

 ( Since even my grandma is now on facebook..keeping in touch has gotten a whole lot easier!  She has noticed that you can like photos on facebook..she just hasn't quite figured out that it's a she just writes it as a comment!)

So anyway one thing I really like about Bosnia, is the food. Ask Steffi..she loves it too!! keine sorge liebes! Es kommt auch noch ein Pita Rezept :*
Since my mama isn't there everyday to make it for me..I have been trying to figure out a way to simplify some classic Bosnian recipes and make a student, budget and well time friendly version of them.

These are pictures my photographer boyfriend took a couple of years ago.

This is Sarajevo!! You should definitely visit this city some time. It's really special!

First I tried my luck with Grah. A white kidney bean soup like dish..that's almost a bit like veggie chili. 
You know how there are certain foods that you never particularly liked as a kid but when you move out you actually kind of miss?? Well this was one of them for me! I've made it like 3 times this week and I can't get enough. Grah is perfect for warming you up when you just came home on a cold winter day.

This is all you need for my Grah! 
1 can of white kidney beans
1 carrot
half a onion
and 1/4 of a vegetable stock square or 2 tablespoons vegeta
half a teaspoon pepper
1 flat tablespoon paprika spice
also maybe half a cup of water

The ingredients are enough for about 2 people.
The thing in the lower right corner is vegetable stock. I usually use Vegeta..a bosnian spice! It smells and tastes a bit like..well vegetable stock..but Bosnians use it for everything instead of salt. I love using it! I think it makes everything taste better. Except thai should just probably use salt there. TRY IT! You can get it in most supermarkets here or in turkish shops. 

You start by heating some oil (whichever you prefer..I use either sunflower or olive oil) in a large pot braising your chopped onion and carrot ( both cut into little squares ) until the onion is glassy and the carrots soft.
Then you add your can of beans and stir. Add the spices and leave on the stove for about 5 - 10 minutes. Until it starts cooking. 
Depending on the consistence you like... you can add water or leave it like it is. Make sure you also use the liquid from the beans. 
If you like meat in it you can through in some dried meat (my dad loves that!)

Et voil√†! Your Grah is ready! It almost tastes like my mama's 
It's really delicious. Especially if you need something quick and filling. 
I usually eat it with bread. But then again..I eat everything with bread!
Ohh and just to prove that It's not only tasty when you're used to Bosnian German Matthias also loves it! ha!!

Love Andrea

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