Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Birthday!!

Officially 21!

Accessorize bag,ring and earrings, American Apparel skirt and scarf, Rachel Antonoff for Bass shoes, H&M blouse

Soo my lovely party people!! Yesterday was my 21st birthday! Yeah I wish I was 13 again! On the bright side though...I don't have to live in Moosburg anymore so that's better than 13!
I got my presents as soon as it turned 12..and i was pretty excited! I'm not really a christmas baby but I still kind of get the birthday/christmas present combo...luckily not this year!! Plus being in a present-high all Dezember is wonderful! Buying presents, getting presents, giving presents and getting some more presents. LOVE it. 
Than of course there's the present low for the next 12 months..but can't have everything! 
We'll have to do a post with all of our presents!! Perfumes and bags and watches and jewellery and all the fun things with lots of flowers and pink and well... GLITTER!
 I know Steffi has something exciting to show as well,wa liebes? 

My day started off with a trip to IKEA! I mean..who doesn't love a lazy day at IKEA! With a free coffee and a free piece of cake for the birthday girl!! We were just roaming around as usual and I bought what I always buy.. picture frames and candles!! Can't ever have enough of those!! 
I don't really celebrate my birthdays...I get presents..see my lots of cake and spend the day with my family..just the way I like it!! Not really party people myself!! maybe sometimes!! (When it's tequila time)

I LOVE this outfit!! It has some of my most favourite pieces of clothing at the moment all put together!! Ohh and I got this wonderful bag from Matthias' mother and I'm so in LOVE with it...I just want to hold it and stare at it all day!! Is it weird?? Am I weird? possibly!! But it's gold and shiny and I'm sort of obsessed! I have to show you my glitter/gold clothing collection sometime!!

 A beautiful little Accessorize Bee Ring!! First thing I bought since I stopped working there...It was kind of tough...luckily it was on sale otherwise it would have been to much to bare!!

Oh and just one more photo of my new "possibly the coolest shoes ever"!! I have been wanting them for soo long!! They're saddle shoes from Bass and just perfect!! Not quite my size but who cares. I take what ebay gives me ...when they're sold out everywhere else!!
 (This photo was taken on a fun thrift shopping day with a lovely lady called Jana! She's my go-to lady for thrifting in Vienna!! Of course my all time favourite thrift shopping lady is my wonderful mom..who well I got this crazy obsession from!)

Later on lovely Steffi came over and we ate turkey and other yummy things and spend the rest of the day talking about clothes and thrifting and new recipes... just perfect I tell ya! 
My mommy made me one of my favourite cakes for my birthday and Steffi brought me a really tasty Andrea Raspberry Cake! so I got two really delicious cakes just for one birthday!
I'm a lucky lady!!

We'll be posting the baked it ourselves with a bit late this week! again!! 
Because Hani just came and well...we're busy!! 

love Andrea

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