Saturday, December 29, 2012


The Inspiration!

My Wall!!

I love pinterest and I love new ideas for my room!! 
I've had this photo wall in my room above my couch (which I will show soon)
 for quite some time now but it was time to change it!
 I decided to only use special photos and my self painted Botero ballerina and masking tape frames!!
Since I'm a poor student and don't have money to only depend on wonderful frames from urban outfitters
and antique markets
I found this wonderful picture on pinterest which inspired me to go out buy tape and make my very own frames (or just one).
You guys get the idea!! It's fun! And looks great!!

 If your wondering why my beautiful ballerina doesn't have a's because I don't like drawing faces!!
Sometimes they're necessary and I will draw/paint them but usually I don't!! 

Also a wonderful way to show of your prettiest pictures!!

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