Thursday, December 27, 2012


Because the world is still there, and WE ARE STILL THERE, 
we need to think about what happens 2013?! 
Or we at least need to think about 
in what we should write our notes, dates and appointments for 2013. 
(Not your phone. not cool. and easy to overlook something)
Here is the answer:

To have a leitmotif i bought two very classy designed calendar.
No colours. not a special size. no pictures. just the exact dates.

I put the pages out of the book so that all of them are loose.
then i put together all the great stuff i foud in my room.
like nice photos, paper, 
some old posters which i ripped of from somewhere.
i only choose pictures with natural stuff on it. 
just nice ones, no people or something. 
this i can do during the next year. 
now it should only be a nice and cool book. 

Now take one page after another and mix them up how ever you want.
Pictures in between. nice paper. posters.
Make sure that the dates are right. Always correct that while working.

Here some examples how i did it.

 Some very old postcards are great for the whole thing as well.
i always buy them at fleamarkets.

Now it's about to bind your book.
everybody who knows something about that, would say: 
ok if you only have loose pages, 
you have to glue the whole thing now. 
that's the normal way. true.
but i tried to do it like this, 
because for me it looks much nicer, it's unique 
and i'm pretty sure you will loose not one page of your book!

 So after bringing all together, 
you have to seperate your book again.
always make a bunch of about 10-15 pages and sew them together.
i did that with my sewingmachine. it's more equable.

Now do that bunch by bunch until every page is processed.

be very clear with that and always make sure 
that you sew the endings twice!

now you need needle and yarn.
put all the bunches together. IN THE RIGHT ORDER!

then sew them together.
put your thread always through one thread of a bunch and knot it.
do this about 5 times.

 then cut of the endings
so that your book is not only a sewed together bunch of paper!!! 
it should look very tidy and clear.


If you want a stabil book cover, take some water proof leather 
or some other resitant matirial, 
and fix it with glue on the back of your book.

Cover or not, you need some wood glue now.
put it on the whole back of your book, 
which you lately sewed together. just a thin film. 
then take a paper and beat the back on the paper a few times. 
so that the glue is well spreaded everywhere.

now put some heavy books on your timer and leave it about two days. to try.


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