Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hani & Nani at Munich Airport!!

Hi there!! hope everyone had a lovely New Years!! We sure did!! 
We got in the car and off we went to Vienna!! But first Hani had to come to Moosburg where I was visiting my parents. 
We had one day at my parents house and because it was Sunday and we wanted to do something (but everything was closed) 
we decided to go to the airport to shop around, eat sweet things at the christmas market and just spend time together!! 

This is where I used to live in Germany!! Really nice if you like...a whole lot of nothing! 
No has it's beauty but I am glad to be in Vienna now!! 
It was such a warm day..and this made us oohh so happy!!

Look at all these beautiful fields(sarcasm)! 
Actually they are beautiful but still...

At the airport it got a bit cold but hani came prepared in her little red riding hood cape! adorable!! 
It was on SALE (our favourite word) from asos and it's the cutest thing ever!

 We went to Accessorize..once again!! Soo sad!! 
This used to be my store...I worked there for 3 years and Antonia worked there and all of our girls. Now everything is different. 
SO not right! But they don't know how to keep the store pretty like we used to!! pff! 

Anyway this is us deciding on which undies we wanted to buy. 
We ended up buying nothing because it was all still 50% off and ..well...I know it's all going to be 70% 0ff next week!

We're not cheap or's just that we have so much clothes and it's just fun to look for special things for a special price! 
It's fun and makes the things extra special! 

 Andrea: H&M blazer, thrifted bag; Hannah: ASOS cape

 Birthday present from Matthias! I'm guessing

 Jeans,socks: H&M and shoes thrifted!

 Birthday present from Matthias also

This is what the Christmas Market at the Munich airport looks like! It's really beautiful!
We had these cinnamon rolls and coffee..and couldn't stop laughing!
We got asked what exactly was in our coffee ... obviously we were kind of weird! 
We were just so happy to be together again!! 

Bye Bye

love!!  Hani & Nani

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