Friday, January 4, 2013

3 Day New Years visit in Vienna!!

We visited Vienna for three days over New Years. Hani was there and Matthias and a friend of his. It was great!! 
I admit it was a tad bit silly to go there for three days and well...
 coming back to Moosburg for 1 day and then having to go back to Vienna tomorrow!! 
I'm sort of glad though! I will have a lot of learning to do for my exams...but after that it's one month of nothing and well sewing!! 
And hopefully travels with Hani and Steffi!! 

We went on a little shopping trip. But first we met up with the boys in a book store. 
Steffi couldn't come because I couldn't call...because I had lost my freakin' phone the day before!
 The 3rd time in 2 weeks...and this time it's for real!
 An asian guy found it and we didn't understand where he was waiting for us because he didn't speak any language 
that we could understand and then the stupid thing went out!! 
So it's over! Now i'm rocking my old Nokia music express..Which I actually love!!

dotty skirt & tights: H&M, cape: asos, coat: 2two, scarf: American Apparel

The style motto of the day was obviously dots! 
I originally had a red hat when we went out of the house and then noticed that we were kind of being matchy again!
 I don't know how that always happens!

So excited!! looking at pattern making books! I found a great one ... pattern magic I...but I had to leave it behind! 
First reason being the fact that it cost 10 euros less on amazon and the second being my exams at the end of the month!!
I need to concentrate on my learning at some point!

We discovered the Butt book!!

We played out different scenes out of the Butt Book!! 
I was always the left butt and Hani the right one! We had a grand old time!

Hani sure seemed to enjoy her Chai Latte!!
All up in her face!  

So that's that! Ohh and this is what we were up to while just being lazy at home!
Watching a whole lot of louis C.K!!

Sooo...suck a bag of dicks people!
love Andrea

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