Monday, January 21, 2013

Make Your Own Candle!!

These are probably the worst photos you'll see on here but I only had my phone and was really in the mood for making candles! 
It was just one of those days...when everything is more important than actually doing what you're supposed to!! stupid exams!!

 This DIY probably isn't new to you but I thought I'll share it trotzdem (a german word you just have to know..i love it)!
First you start off by going to your favourite thrift store and buying all sorts of wonderful cups!
Or basically anything you think would look much better with wax in it!

I collect pretty plates and cups and wonderful glasses with little sayings on them..
but I just don't get to use them as often as I would like to. 
Plus what would I drink out of these tiny cups? lots and lots of refills!

I kind of got this rose theme going on in my room so these little beauties caught my eye. 
And for 0,20€ each I'm happy they did! 
Hani snatched some up as well but she will actually be drinking out of hers.

You'll need:

candle making wax or old used up candles
wicks (or just a thicker string or a thin shoe lace)
fragrance oils
some pens and sticky tape

All in all I paid about 6 euros for 4 candles and I still have lots of everything leftover for one more go!
This is a masterfully done compilation of really bad photos...of the candle making process!

Put your wax in a glass bowl over simmering water and let it melt.
While your wax is melting prepare your cups. Dip the wick into the wax and set aside to dry.
When thats over and done with wrap the top of your wick around a pencil and fixate with sticky tape. 
Now place the pencil on your cup and pour in your (hopefully by now) melted wax in.
weeee now you just have to wait for your candles to set.

Waiting over night is probably a good idea!
 I sat right next to the candles poking my finger in every few minutes to see if it was done yet. 
Don't do that!
Ohh and look this is vulva!!
(not her real name..I just don't like her actual one and this one is similar to hers so she still comes when I call her).
 She stayed with us for the weekend..It was so nice having a dog around I tell ya.
I'll probably never be able to wear any of my black clothes ever again because of her hairs sticking to everything but what the heck!
 Look at her!! She was pretty excited about the whole process with me.
jumping around wanting to eat everything!

And this is what my finished cup candle looks like!! BEAUTIFUL right?? It's not actually that bright and flamey It's just my phone camera. 
Although the flame is in fact a bit bigger than usual. 
But still.. I'm so happy with how it turned out!
 I'm going to be making candles out of everything now!!

Ohh yeah and I got a new phone...well not new but new to me!! I miss my old blackberry pretty bad 
especially since it was so tough and small and everything but 
WHY? didn't anybody introduce me to the wonders of an android earlier??? 
whats wrong with you freakin' people? 
And how does anybody get anything done with sooo many apps to test and games to play??
I bought a hamster phone case!! I'm so happy! It's so kitschy but I love it so what the heck!

That's it guys!! Enough chitter chatter
I hope you enjoy making all sorts of wonderful candles for yourself and all your friends!
It's pretty darn cute as a little gift. 

Love Andrea


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