Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pancakes for "breakfast"

No... this is no I baked it with LOVE post..I accidently postet that yesterday..upps...I'm still on "holidays" so I kind of get my days confused. At least it was a weekend right? So we just had breakfast and yes it's more like lunch since it's well past 12 but who cares! I didn't just wake up I was helping Bernd (the guy on the far right) with a marketing essay about China so we didn't get to breakfast. 
I didn't clean the table on purpose to give you a peak of what a three-men-household looks like around here...At least I feel pretty in my wonderfully golden Outfit!

You have NO idea how much I love these tights! And in combination with these shoes... I'm just so overwhelmed with all the happiness in my heart! (yeah I just said that) I thought I head lost them forever and ever and then I just looked into my roommates undie drawer...and there they where all alone and golden! I'm so excited!  

I'm sure all you guys know how to make pancakes but this is what I use. Sometimes I make it without the egg and with bananas or something. My roommate and I lived sort of vegan for a while as our fridge wasn't working so we improvised ( I also have a great vegan banana bread recipe ahhh!). 
I don't have a recipe really...I just a bit flour and milk in a bowl, add the egg and melted bitter and then comes the bag of vanilla and baking powder...then you mix it together an et voila! fluffy pancakes!!

Especially tasty with homemade marmalade from matthias' roommates mom. 

Matthias and Bernd are leaving me today and going back home (matthias is my boyfriend and he will be coming back on Wednesday since he moved here a couple of months ago to live near me) but Hani!!  one of my best friends and my soulmate is coming on Monday so we are going to wear lots of glittery clothes and have a hell of a time!! I'm excited!

<3 Andrea

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