Monday, December 3, 2012

Make Your Own IPAD CASE!

So this is a little something my boyfriend came up with after everyone started getting the new Ipad mini. Because it's obviously something that's crucial for ones survival!! Even to the point where you can't afford your groceries but... no need to worry you have you're ipad!! Since my love is one of those people...he had to get creative with his case..because he obviously didn't have money to buy one!

This is a pretty cheap DIY and great as a Christmas present for your silly loved ones!
You can also make it a bit bigger and make a laptop case out of it...or basically anything you wish!

What you'll need:

felt (we used felt table mats for 1€ that we found in one of those cheap 1€ stores), thick thread, two buttons and some string (to close the case) and of course a needle. 

For the Ipad case we used a 34,5cm x 22cm piece of thick (!) felt. We folded in a 12cm piece of felt form a pocket for the Ipad. Make sure that your seams aren't wider than 0,5cm otherwise you might have some space issues. We also folded in a 7,5cm piece of felt on the other side so you can close  the case. There's a drawing below with all the measurements. 

All the measurements in one drawing. WONDERFUL!

We chose to use a zig zag kind of stich just to make sure it holds but you can do it however you like.

pick pretty buttons...check your jackets for extra buttons if you don't want to go spending money on new ones. (because you're poor now!)

This is how it looks like with the Ipad inside. We chose to make the pocket piece a bit shorter than the actual device because we like the way it looks. Again you can make it a bit longer so it covers the whole thing if you're into extra safety!

We also rounded the edges of the outer flap. You can also stich something (maybe a name) into the felt ..visible on the give it a more personal touch. 

 One more quick and cheap idea for a Ipad bag (also works wonderfully for cellphones!). Just two pieces of felt...around the size of your chosen device and sew around the edges. 

Hope you enjoy this fun little DIY. We'll try to post some more christmas present worthy DIY's over the next couple of weeks. So keep your eyes open!

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