Friday, December 7, 2012

these summer days...


it's all about christmas and snow and a cold face and cold hands 
and just feeling cold the last weeks.
so i thought it's nice to read and see something about the beautiful summer we had in vienna.
and maybe we all feel a little bit wormer afterwards.


so Andrea and I met up at mariahilferstr.
at first we did that because i didn't know that many places in vienna
 so we always met at my works place. but then we retained it. kind of a custom.
we had a really weird starbucks iced tea things at MQ and thought about where we wanted to have lunch.

Andrea is wearing a self sewed dress. 
me: top, bag, belt American Apparel and the trousers is from WOOD WOOD

We didn't want to eat that much. just a bit. and some wine or something.
and while we were walking we found this beautiful place:
it's a little french restaurant at Kirchengasse in Vienna.
they have quiche, sandwiches, some soups and much more nice stuff to eat...

don't wonder, in between i have been at work and changed.
i already posted some pics from that day and that outfit. 
but not from that place.

thoughtful Andrea.
we tried the leica camera of Andreas boyfriend Matthias. 
and as you can see, i just foud out how to focus andrea in the picture:)

 seeeee my dish looks amazing. and it tastes amazing! 
please try it if you live in vienna. if not, you should definitely go to vienna, anyway. 
and if you are there then, try it ;)

Matthias made that pic from out of the restaurant. don't we look nice? 
like "sex and the city girls"?
uuuuuh i'm so happy that the two of us have been in vienna together.
i mean who would have ever thought that? 

me: body, jeans, belt American Apparel. Andrea is still wearing her lovely selfmade dress


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