Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day out in Munich!

Not my prettiest photo but I thought it suited the Munich motto!! Although this was in Freising on our way to Munich! 
We stopped by because I wanted to return the coat I wore in the previous post because it was becoming fluffy everywhere
 I didn't really think it was worth the money! You see... I was really happy when I found a wonderful WARM wintercoat that I actually liked. 
Plus it was on sale! 
Yeah I always say that..but I just love sale things or old things..they're fun!! so anyways...
I got it like 50% off for 90€ which is a perfectly acceptable price if the garment doesn't fall apart after a week!
I decided to return it! The sales guy gave me two options...either to keep the coat and get 60€ back or to return it and get a full refund!
 I kept it!! I just love it!! 
And now even the price makes me happy.. I can deal with the fluffy...I'll just shave the fluff away! 
That actually works really well!!

Look at my beautiful umbrella (the ducks head) peaking out of my bag!!
I hate rain!! But this little fella just makes everything so much more bearable!!

This is me awkwardly posing for a photo infront of a whole lot of people.
Not feeling it! I love photos somewhere in the woods or in a private garden or something!!
Much more fun and a lot less awkward!

Pretty paper drives me crazy. I can't seem to walk past it without buying anything.
Even if it's just really pretty wrapping paper!

Ohh and look at the shoes people!!
Bally shoes for 2,50€...I still can't believe it!

I had a dream...I found my dream marc by marc jacobs bag in my favourite diakonie...
Maybe I'll get lucky twice! Probably not! but just maybe!
In the mean time..I will be stalking the hobo miller bag on ebay and saving money just in case!

Today was also a pretty fun day!! We walked around uni interviewing people for a seminar. 

We are doing this presentation on "Friendships in Emerging Adulthood" next Tuesday and wanted to find out what the students at our uni had to say about it!
It was quite interesting I tell ya! 
I'll tell you more about it when it's all edited and finished and the data is analysed (when we watch all the videos and finish our presentation)

Bye Bye
love Andrea 

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